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Hari ini zuha nak share lak Business testimonial a.k.a sucess story .

It's all all about kenapa I rejoin semula business ni .... walaupun dah tinggalkan sejak 4 tahun yang lalu........sebab I baru nampak perjalanan business ini dengan clear dibawah pimpinan leader-leader yang hebat dibawah #GLAM...

so I pinjamkan story about CDN NAA KAMARUDIN.......salah seorang CDM di bawah #Hanis Haizi........

CDM Naa Kamarudin ni kecil molek dan comel orangnya tapi berjiwa kental........walaupunI berada di bawah leader lain tapi kami still di bawah bumbung dan acuan yang dia juga merupakan my sumber inspiration.....

so this is her story all about........please read! 

An amazing product can definitely speaks for itself so I will just say a few words aboutPremium Beautiful corset.

I started using Premium Beautiful since early March2011 and it has been awesome!

Earlier, I  have already reviewed the product  for about a month and I am really interested to try it out, since my post pregnancy figure was not attractive at all to hubby, MrAshraf Naserudin  ;P and of course I cannot wear my old wardrobe anymore.. :(
After reading few testimonials from Premium Beautiful users, I was convinced that it really works wonders! 

I was a housewife with zero income, and i can't buy the corset.
(*mase tu, tatau plak ade chance untuk pakai for FREE!)

Then, from a friend of mine..Farah, I knew about Hanis Haizi and the business opportunity.
After knowing such a great opportunity that can really change my and out,

without hesitation, I took a chance and ready to challenge myself to do something different!
This is my new profession and i'm proud of what i have achieved so far, Alhamdulillah...

With starting income RM5000, 

* and in 1 month I have qualified myself + hubby for a Free Trip to HongKong..

 And as been told, bila kejar jer untuk dapat pergi trip, confirm income pon lagi masyukkk!!~
It is totally true as my 2nd income was nearly RM9000.

The Payslip from the company a.k.a Love Letter! ;)

If calculate betol2, campur plak dengan hasil jualan in 2 months..
modal yang dah dikeluarkan untuk purchase the product dah pon boleh settle semua.

Memang betol la, as been explained by Hanis Haizi before i started the business..

I can really do it and "nothing is impossible".
Bila nak berjaya, just follow the right group, the right leader, and with the right motivation..confirm boleh capai kejayaan yang sama mcm our mentor.

Me with leader, my mentor, my friend and definitely my idol !

I'm now following every steps..nak capai kejayaan yang sama macam Hanis.

She's the pioneer of Premium Beautiful *Top Agent that runs the business using social media marketing.


so here NAA Kamarudin today!!!

Premium Beautiful by Naa Kamaruddin

* My Business Car

berjaya memandu OWN Beemer  pada pertenghan tahun 2012 selepas 1 year in Business

(sumber www.Naa kamarudin) -

That is why, our group under Hanis Haizi was leading the online market and we have a strong backup group.

Sape kate susah nak buat business? 
Sedangkan dgn teknologi yg ada..semua dihujung jari kita
and dengan product yang dah lama ada, proven, and fully certified..
we just let the product speak for itself!

For those yang still tertanya tanya pasal product, business opportunity..
you can directly contact me to know more..
and the cash rebate promotion is ending very very soon!! 

so kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut rahsia kami di GLAM , call me and I will together  with u , persahabatan tanpa batasan.....

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