Friday, 5 April 2013


When Donald Trump was asked on TV what he was going to do if he was to go bankrupt once again, his answer was simple. He said that he would get into a network marketing business. It seemed that the audience did not like his answer when they booed him. But everyone was silenced by his answer. He said that their reaction set the line between him and them; that the reason why he was rich and they were not because of this exact attitude.

Donald Trump is known for his innovation and quick-mindedness. He believes that it is in simply knowing the difference between good multilevel marketing strategies and pyramid scams. The sad thing is many people do not know the difference; they do not know a good thing when they see one.Donald Trump has been in the business for so long and he knows a good strategy when he sees one. The principles that wrap around multilevel marketing is based soundly on existing theories. 

There is no business that will make you rich overnight. All businesses take some sort of investmentScience Articles, nerve-wracking decision-making and a lot of hard work. There is no such thing as easy money. Donald Trump is right in saying that network marketing is based on a very powerful concept that when used properly will yield in the in-pouring of money. But not all MLMs that you see are legitimate. The secret in getting into the right kind of business is in knowing which are the real ones and which are the frauds. Base everything on proven facts and statistics and you probably would do no wrong.

frenz out there what your opinion ????

knowlegde is important in what ever your want to do....

listen ! listen ! listen

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